2-Day Workshop

Profit First Workshop for Service-Based Businesses

Set up Your Pricing, Packages, and Bookkeeping so Your Business Delivers the Life You've Always Wanted.

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Actionable Plan

Simple to Follow

Attainable Business & Personal Goals

In This Profit First Workshop You'll Learn

Create Revenue Goals That Support Your Personal Income Needs

Why make more revenue if you just have to pay it all out? We start with the real goal in mind...the money you need in your personal bank account. Then we work backward to find out what revenue will help you make that happen. And it's all based on the amount of time you want to spend working in your business.

Develop a Plan You Can Follow

Nothing worth doing happens overnight. Reaching Profit First allocation targets can feel impossible. And most of the time, owners struggle to figure out what to cut to get the numbers right. Our Profit First worksheets help you create an incremental adjustment plan that makes sense for where you are today. And they help you get to where you want to be in the future. The best part? It's easy to do!

Calculate Your Bottom Line

Most service-based business owners struggle to know how much they should charge for an hour, a day, or a week of their time or advice. They usually end up giving away time - for FREE! ("Quick question for you...") With our products and services worksheet we give you a bottom-line number you can use to charge for your time. You can always charge more, but you should NEVER charge LESS.

Design Packages That Make You Money

Do you know how many services you should offer and at what price? Do you know how many you need to sell each month to meet your goals? We have a worksheet that will help you put a plan together for each quarter and each month. You'll know when you can work with people on pricing, and when you need to hold the line. This gives you control to offer the kinds of services you love to deliver to the people you love to serve.

How Much Revenue Does Your Business Need to Generate?

to build the life you've always wanted

Grab the income targeting spreadsheet that will help you:

  • Calculate your business revenue
  • Include money for profit, taxes, and operating expenses
  • Put a number on a "real salary" for yourself
  • Understand what your time is worth
  • Get your pricing right

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Owning a Business Shouldn't Leave you Exhausted, Powerless, and Broke

In order to serve others well, you have to take care of yourself. But sometimes the numbers don't seem to make sense. You work more hours, bring in more revenue, but your bank account doesn't seem to reflect what you're doing. And because of variable costs, you have no idea what fees you need to charge to get a real margin.

That's why we spend an entire day of this two-day workshop, plugging your real numbers into our worksheets. You will walk away confident that you're getting your pricing right. And we don't leave the important things out like saving for retirement, funding college accounts, saving for a house downpayment or even that weekly chiropractic visit.

Isn't it time your business serves you and the life you deserve?

This Workshop is a MUST ATTEND if

you are ready to...


Do More Than Survive

Most business owners are surviving from year to year. They throw out services and prices and hope it ends up making them money. If you're ready to move out of survival mode and into a life you love, this workshop's for you.

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Get Profit First Right

Most of our participants have tried Profit First. It usually gives some small wins, but something will happen that they don't know how to handle. Then there are more questions. Our experts are here to guide you to getting it right.

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Love Your Business

You work long hours. You don't get paid what you're worth. Your PTO plan isn't great. But guess what? You can design your business to work the hours you want, with only clients you LOVE, doing the kind of work that gives you joy.

Control Your Numbers = Control Your Business

Our Client's Success Looks Like...

Predictable Cash FlowIncreased Product MarginsConsistent Owner’s PayDecreased Anxiety Over New InvestmentsRegular Profit PayoutsGrowth In Company Stock Value

Stapf CPA FAQs

We keep up with the latest in business finance, so we can share it with you.

We believe the best way to collaborate with an expert on your numbers is to be able to share real-time access. We also know technology changes constantly. We’ve been using Quickbooks for over 30 years, and we’ve taken the time to master what’s possible with the QB software. That way we stay in the cloud and up to date with all the latest best practices.

Outsourcing your finances can look enticing. And at some point, bookkeeping will not be the best use of your time. But we firmly believe YOU should dig in to know and understand your numbers in detail. That way, when the time comes, you can direct an outsourced team to follow the processes you put in place to support your goals. That also gives you the upper hand on being able to spot when the numbers just don’t “add up.”

Get Numbers You Can Use

even faster than you think!

2 Day Workshop


  • Direction from expert financial advisors
  • Ask questions in small group of business owners
  • One-on-one breakouts with accoutants for specific or private discussions
  • Best practice discussions in group setting
  • Calculators you can use now!
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Make Your Allocations in 5 Minutes or less

to keep profits first without taking hours out of your busy day.

Grab the allocation spreadsheet that will help you:

  • Put money in the right buckets
  • Adjust allocation percentages as you grow
  • Plug in one number to calculate what goes where
  • Allocate your money in minutes, not hours.
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Kick Uncertainty to the Curb with Numbers You Can Believe

When you’re in charge of your books, you can make decisions from a position of strength.

  • Anxiety

  • Control

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